Crazy hypothesis: ho cercato di tradurre in inglese la mia ipotesi folle e ci ho fatto un video

Chiedo perdono per il mio pessimo inglese, ho fatto ciò che ho potuto!!!

Crazy hypothesis:

Schizophrenia usually occurs between 25 and 35 years.
Socrates / Plato, Tommaso Campanella, Giordano Bruno, Newton, Nietzsche and many others have a particular form of schizophrenia;
The symptoms of schizophrenia increases when people persecute these philosophers.
These philosophers understand fully the writings of their predecessors because they have the same disease, for example, Nietzsche identifies with Zarathustra.
The people do not understand these philosophers and the people believe that these supermen are crazy and dangerous, for this reason, these philosophers are derided, opposed and persecuted.
These philosophers are crazy but they are also very intelligent, these philosophers contribute to the development of humanity.
The legend of the Holy Grail was born out of their skill.
Nietzsche thinks he is God because his life is like that of Jesus and Zarathusta, At 30, he began to preach, but nobody understands him and is haunted.
Elena Ambrosini
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